How to Make a Website

In the digital age, having a website is a great way to reach your customer and advertise for your company. This is why it’s obvious you would like to have a website for your company. We’re going to tell you briefly about making a website so that you can come up with a clear mind on how you would like to approach for your website.

So, what is a website and how it works ? Well, in most simpliest way, a website is what you see on your computer using the browser. It contains text, often some images, there might be some audio or video contents and dressed up with some fancy animatons. But behind the scene, there's more. Lets look at them:

  • Domain: This is the address that you have to input to reach the content
  • Hosting/Server: That stores your files, images in a machine which is accesible from anywhere in the world through Internet
  • Codes: That enables the view of the content.

How does these three thing works altogether ? Well, look at the frame below:

So, following things happen when you want to visit a website:

  1. User enters the URL for the desired website in the browsers URL
  2. Browser processes the request and sends it to Hosting/ Server
  3. Server checks the request and finds the codes and files against the request and finally return the desired page back to browser and client see the contents

Clear enough ? Now, these things doesn't come for free. There's cost for everything. Lets take a look for a sample pricing: `

Component Example/Description Price (Estimated)
Domain $10

CPU: 2 Core clocked at 3.3GHz
Disk Space: 20GB
Bandwidth: 500GB

Codebase & Deployment

This part involves writing the codes and designing the look of your website.
This requires skilled web developer under a certain amount of cost

Starting from $400 & Above

As you already can assume, making a website might not be as cheap. Depending on your requirement the cost can vary. Hosting price will vary as you require more facilities or space. And finally web development team doesn’t come cheap. Considering all of this, creating a website can be costly as $1000 or ever more, lets say up to $10000.

But yes, you can still create a website for free. How ? There are some site makers who provides a subdomain ( eg. ), and a Limited Hosting with limited storage or features. And finally you’ll have to arrange the images, texts and probably will have to write HTML codes to show your websites properly. But there’s a big problem for that. Your company won’t be as much highlighted since you’ll be having a subdomain. Your hosting space will be limited and you might not meet your requirements from there. And finally if you have no idea on programming, needless to say, Your website will be a disaster which will surely fail to serve it’s goal, Advertise and Help Your clients.

That's exactly where you can consider VolumeCoder.
Because VolumeCoder was created considering this situation. If you are looking a quality website with your limited budget, VolumeCoder can be best choice for you. Why ???

  • VolumeCoder offers you standard package only at $99. (This includes domain/hosting price for full one year You’ll have to renew it every year from then)
  • We have a team which is experienced yet cordial to clients requirements.
  • For each website, we assign one person to monitor the website and to interact with the site owner in case of any assistance required.
  • If you have custom requirements or very specific tasks in your website, we'll arrange the solution for much cheaper price.

Confused ?
Need to know more to make up your mind ?
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