Image Terms

  • Images shown in the demo in our Template library will not be considered under any package plan as VolumeCoder or its associates don’t issue the copyrights on the images.
  • Upon purchase a package from VolumeCoder, Client must provide their own image to replace the demo images.
  • Client may purchase stock images of their own from any stock image selling websites or they can choose particular stock image for their site and let VolumeCoder know to take care of the rest. VolumeCoder will purchase the images for the client and will charge the client accordingly for the process, which, most of the cases, is the price of the images only.
  • In case of Any violation of rules on stock images purchased from other websites should be handled by the client since how the image will be implemented will be decided by the client, not VolumeCoder.
  • Image Licensing rules for purchased images will be applicable by the providers Terms and Regulations (ToR). VolumeCoder doesn’t set or decide any Licensing rules for the images.

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